14 January 2009


This is a little waterfall down near the River Derwent.


Susanne49 said...

I like this little waterfall photo very much, Carol. I like the framing, the eyes are going directly to the subject in the picture, you placed it very nicely! I hope you can understand my stumbling English :)

Thank you for your kind comments today. I will be away for a while, don't forget me until I'm back ...LOL.. :)

Sue's Daily Photography

Carole said...

Will never forget you Sue you've become a very good online friend. Thankyou for your comments and have a great trip.

Evil Pixie said...

Fantastic colors, Carole!

Mike de Moree said...

I wish it looked like that here Carole. It is bitterly cold at the moment. -36C

Carole said...

Thanks evil for your comments
OMG Mike that is very very cold.