5 January 2009


Well I took the advice from my doctor and got out of the house for a while today. As you know i've been off work poorly with stress etc and haven't been out the house much. I was advised by my doctor after being tested for my blood pressure to get out and try to destress for a while. So I went up on the moors and took some shots of the snow that had fallen.


Susanne49 said...

Pretty shots! I wonder if those sheep don't freeze their feet?

I hope you get relaxed a little, Carol! Take care!

Sue's Daily Photography

Double "D" said...

Wow, snow. Didn't know you
were blessed with the white stuff
like we are. Beautiful shots though.
I love your interpretation of the
country side.
Take it from me, staying inside to
much only makes things worse. Take
it from me, I've been through it and
I just have to make myself move or
get worse. Do the best you can
and I hope you are out of your funk

pascaline said...

I hope you enjoyed your walk like i apreciate these shots...