7 January 2009

King of the Castle

I couldn't resist taking this picture. He was quite happy munching away on the top of the pile of hay and looking down at the others as if to say 'Im the King of the Castle'.. LOL


Double "D" said...

And a fine sheep he is.
Great shot, glad you're getting
out and with a sense of humor.

Baaaaa Baaaaaaa.

Carole said...

Thanks Double D. I need a sense of humour lately believe me the stuff i've been put through recently.

Susanne49 said...

O.M.G... this is good one!!! And see how proud he is, like a real king, yeah! I love that, it has so much humor in the picture!:)

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pascaline said...

Very funny !

François-Noël said...

Funny picture !