3 January 2009

It's my Birthday.

Yes folks i'm now the grand old age of 51 years. A few more wrinkles, bones tiring, body sagging but I still feel 30 in my mind. The sun may be setting in this picture but I feel that a new chapter of my life is starting now.
The image was taken the same evening of the image on the previous post. This was the scene as the sun was setting over Holy Island causeway.


Evil Pixie said...

Happy Birthday!

Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! :) im from the philippines and i always enjoy the pictures that you post here! Keep it up!!

Double "D" said...

Happy Birthday Carole!
This is a beautiful photo without
a doubt. Amazing.

Here's to a wonderful year for you
and all of us.

Susanne49 said...

ohh...I missed your Birthday, Carol...! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY even a little bit late, but from the bottom of my heart: all the best for you!!!! :)

Sue's Daily Photography

pascaline said...

I'm late but : "Happy Birthqay" Carole, and, this is a wonderfool picture !

François-Noël said...

I'm late too !

Happy birthday Carole !

My birthday was the 1st of January !
Very beautiful picture of sunset !

Dominique said...

Happy Birthay Carole (I am a little late!) and Happy new year.
Really nice picture.