25 January 2009

How can people be so cruel

(This photo was taken last year on my holidays in Scotland)
I found out today that this beautiful deer nicknamed Big Boy has been killed by some horrible, cruel person, who shot him in the face multiple times with an air gun and left him to suffer.
A Ranger had to put him out of his misery when he was discovered at the roadside by a truck driver. I wish the police could catch this thug and give him to the public. I would love to do to them/him what they have done to this beautiful helpless animal. I'm very upset about this as he was such a beauty and everyone traveling to Glencoe would stop by the roadside to look at him. The man who owned the burger van in the car park Big Boy stayed near used to look after him and make sure when people came to see him they didn't frighten him and get too close. He was such a tourist attraction and everyone loved him. It's such an outrage that someone could do such a cruel thing.


Susanne49 said...

I hope too with you, Carol, that the police will find that murderer of this majestic animal!

Thank you very much for your comments today!

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Sara G said...

How horrible. I don;t know how someone could do such a thing to a beautiful creature.
Take care. All your pictures and posts are just wonderful. I have really enjoyed my visit to you blog.