23 November 2008

Big is beautiful..... Or is it?

Yes folks i've bared all for my photography. LOL A self portrait. Not for the faint hearted LOL. Taken with just sunlight from the window and the ceiling light. A 12 second timer and run like mad to the bed. A good crop to hide the worst bits of course. LOL
I've been watching a programme on the tv called 'how to look good naked'. The stylist called Gok Whan makes up women who don't like their bodies and gives them a makeover and gives them the confidence to let themselves be shot naked (tastefully ofcourse).


Jeanette said...

That's very cool!! I love that show.

Susanne49 said...

You managed a great shot of your self, Carol. Beautiful, my compliment - and you look great!

And finally a show who takes also not so slim looking women serious!

Carole said...

Thanks Jeanette and Susanne.

Sue it's agreat show and gives bigger women a bit more confidence in themselves and shows that one doesn't have to be thin to look good. This will be the first and last of these shots though. I spent quite a lot of time doctoring the wrinkles LOL

Double "D" said...

Your photo's are all beautiful including
Big is beautiful and yes it is.

I'm glad you had the courage to do it.
You are beautiful.

Sorry, haven't been around much!

Dominique said...

I like to know who is hidden behind the camera. Thank you.