29 August 2008

Lone Cyclist

A very windy and overcast day this poor cyclist was nearly blown off her bike.


Jenty said...

Stunning! I love the windmills in the background

André Lemay said...

Well the good side of it is that the windmills will generate a lot of power. Nice pictures.

Double "D" said...

Carol, another beauty.
If I may ask, how did you create
the gray sky with the colored
foreground. I suspect how you
did it, but just wanted to comfirm
My one critique about this photo
to make it perfect would be to catch
the cyclist just a bit back to the left
so that it's not dead center.

Carole said...

Yes you are right double d. I really should've cropped it to take the rider to one side.

The sky is original only i used many layers in photoshop and used the curves tool for it to look as it is. It was quite moody anyway just i thought needed enhancing.