21 August 2008

Glass Nuggets

I set off to photograph glass nuggets inside a cheap plastic glass i'd bought at the petrol station one day thinking i could use it for something. Anyway it had a light inside the base that changed colour which was pretty. Don't know what happened to me tonight, but, the photos didn't turn out too good. However, the nuggets inside the glass looked pretty so i cropped the images to select the nuggets. Not brilliant but they're colourful.


André Lemay said...

Carole, amazing pictures all week. I am a little over overboard with my new job but it is temporary and I will get into blogging asap. Sory that I don't keep up with all of my favorites.

Susanne49 said...

They are so colorful, indeed. But that makes a great "abstract" picture series! I love the last one!

Travis said...

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