20 August 2008

First Move

  • Aperture - F/3.2
  • Focal length - 16mm
  • Exposure time - 1/4 sec
  • ISP-200
  • Spot metering
  • Light source - Tungsten
  • Aperture Priority


Carol said...

a good one Carole, i see you've made your move with the pawn... and the game begins.... :)

i play chess with Rob, i have won a few but he usually beats me... it's fun tho.

Susanne49 said...

Pretty! You should put up your work on aphoto-stock site, what do you think?

Carole said...

Thanks Sue & Carol.

Carol I don't play chess at all so I'm not sure if that was a move or not. I do know the names of the pieces though.
Sue I've put them up on a couple of stock photo sites but there are so many images like mine it will be so hard to sell. But I am trying...