18 August 2008


Unfortunately I don't play chess but I did buy this glass chess set for photography purposes to experimant with colour and light. You kight be seeing a few of these later on as the months progress and it gets colder and darker on a night. LOL


Susanne49 said...

And these here are perfection!

Bob Johnson said...

What a great idea, cool.

Carol said...

Carole, i have the same chess set.... these pics are really neat.... i must give it a try... :)

btw.... i'm glad to hear that Ben is ok.

you have a good week!

Carole said...

Thanks everyone. I had fun experimenting. I'm going to try with candlelight tonight. It's raining cats & dogs today so i'm in for another studio session tonight.

Thanks CArole for your concerns for Ben, took him last night to vets again for another check up and his temperature is down. The vet gave him a vitamin injection which he didn't like and so he decided to get his own back and left them a little (wee) gift. LOL

Jenty said...

I absolutely LOVE the last photo