29 July 2008

Black Swan

Taken at a farm near where I live. I was talking to David the farmer tonight and he said he doesn't advertise the fact he has swans on his farm, he's afraid the teenagers will find out and kill or hurt the swans. It's sad the world we live in now, it's full of anger, hatred and killing. The teenagers nowadays are angry, rebellious and hurtful. How someone can hurt such a beautiful creature it is hard to comprehend. But we hear of it day after day some youth has hurt/killed an animal or set upon an old lady. On the news the other day some kids had held down a pony and kicked and burned it with cigarettes. Something sick in their heads I think. I blame the fact there is no discipline in the homes or schools now. Parents are told they cannot lay a hand on their children if they are naughty, the cane and such like at school is banned and teachers are not allowed to hit back if they are attacked in the school room. What is the world coming to.
Last night when I was out with my camera club friends we were set upon by youths calling us perverts and kiddie fiddlers for photographing. We were photographing steel statues for goodenss sake what could be the harm in that. One cannot go along a street with a camera now and take candid photos of people, or children at play without permission. If they do get caught photographing without permission they are breaking the law and are called perverts or such like & arrested.
I'm sorry to go on tonight about this, it's just I was so angry last night when we were called those names and then to hear a farmer feared for the safety of his swans from the kids, it just made me so angry I had to get it off my chest.


  • Lens Aperture - F/3.5
  • Focal Length - 137mm
  • Exposure time - 1/200 sec
  • ISO 200
  • Aperture Priority


Anonymous said...

Don't let the B******S grind you down Carole!

Carole said...

Thankyou anonymous. I just get so angry at times with people like that. why can't everyone get on with one another.

Susanne49 said...

This is unbelievable, I'm so sorry to hear this story! I can understand you anger Carol. And yes, where are we today!? I just feel sorry for our kids, because with this behavior, how will they teach their kids in the future? Bad times, bad times...!

Photo Cache said...

What a terrific close-up shot. I can't remember if I had seen a black swan in person before, but thanks for showing us one here.

Jenty said...

That's such a beautiful shot!!
I understand your feelings, I've been asked to put my camera away as well. It's quite maddening

Carole said...

Yes Jenty sometimes people over react when they see a camera. How the world has changed.

Thankyou all for your kind comments

Perry said...

I hear of this often but have been lucky enough to never have had that happen to me. If I take people pictures, unless it is a crowd like at a fair, I ask permission and give a card with the url to my blog. A sad state we live in, isn't it?