16 June 2008

Thornley Woods

I decided to take a half day holiday today as I was going to the doctors at 4pm for a blood test. I made tracks down to Thornley Woods to see if I could catch a glimpse of the elusive fox. All year I've only had the briefest of glimpses so I was praying that today would be my lucky day.
I got into the hide and the people there were all shushing me..... there, was a roe deer wandering through the grasses. I quickly and silently sat down, got my camera out and took these shots before it decided to turn it's back and head off.
2 1/2 hours later I was just about to give up not seeing the fox again when i turned round and there is this fox, right next to the bird table next to the hide. He was just staring at me, waiting to run at the sound of my camera. I carefully focused as best I could and snapped this shot. Off he ran as fast as lightening so thank goodness this shot was ok. At last i got to see him close up. He's a beauty. Not very tall, I think he may be a youngster. So a fruitful aftenoon was had. I'm happy now.


Susanne49 said...

That sounds like a big adventure for me, Carol. How exciting to see a fox so close and to take such a great photo. I never had the experience to see a fox in wild.

Great shots, as always!

André Lemay said...

Nature photos will always be my favorites. You did an excellent work to bring us natural the beauty of these.

Carole said...

Thanks Sue & Andre for your comments. It was exciting Sue. I've seen foxes at a distance but this was about 3 mtres away from me. He looked me in the eye and it was a very strange feeling. I could#ve picked him up and took him home with me he was so cute. Although i don't think him and Ben my dog would've got on very well LOL