24 June 2008

Mottley Crew

George taking a picture of me while i'm shooting him.

Father & son Ian & Kyle looking at the photo Kyle had just taken of me and thinking he was funny. I'll get him back LOL.

Our new President of the camera club concentrating on his work. LOL

Chris being suckled by a calf. LOL The cow was sucking his jeans, poor thing must've been hungry.
Caroline, who was kind enough to let us on her farm to take photographs. She was doing an impersination of the swallow everyone was trying to catch in flight. LOL
This is just a few of the Camera Club members I got a shot of. The others I photographed either didn't turn out very good or they hid (no names mentioned.... Ron) away from us all.

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Susanne49 said...

It sounds like a big fun, being a member of that camera club, Carol! Enjoy your days there!