2 June 2008

Monday Camera Club Outing No.3

We went down to the River Derwent at Allensford tonight on our Camera Club weekly jaunt. Not the best of conditions weather-wise again for photography tonight to be honest. I've change a one to mono just to see how it looks.


  • Aperture - F/22
  • Shutter Speed 0.8 sec
  • Focal Length 48mm
  • ISO 100
  • Metering mode Pattern
  • Exposure Compensation 0 step


  • Aperture - F/20
  • Shutter Speed 1.3 sec
  • Focal Length 45mm
  • ISO 100
  • Metering mode Pattern
  • Exposure Compensation -0.3 step


André Lemay said...

Thanks for your visits and comments Carole. I have been away for a week and will be back in a couples of days. Just looked at your pictures for the last week, they are wonderful. Keep posting.

Susanne Van Hulst said...

Andre is right, Carol, they ARE beautiful and I LOVE to come to your blog and enjoy your work. You are a big talent, women!!

Carole said...

Thankyou so much Andre and Susanne. It's so very kind of you. I try to visit as many sites as possible but sometimes there doesn't seem enough time. There are so many beautiful photographs to look at.