4 June 2008

The Mask

Thought I would take a photo today of a mask I have hanging on my wall. Some people think it's scary but I love it. I would love to get dressed up in costume and go to a masked ball.

  • Focal length - 37mm
  • Aperture - F/5.6
  • Exposure Time - 1/2 sec
  • ISO 400
  • Metering Mode - Spot
  • Light Source - Tungsten
  • Exposure Compensation - 0 step


Susanne49 said...

If you like to dress up, then go to Venice in January or February to the "Carnevale" - not dressed up, but with your camera. I'm sure there are some camera/photo-clubs around you who are offering trips to Venice. I have a friend in Zurich who goes every year with some of his photography students. If you are interested I can write you his email address...o.k.?

Carole said...

That would be lovely Susanne, Thankyou. I've always loved the thought of a masked ball. To photograph the costumes would be fantastic. You gien me food for thought now.