6 May 2008


Every week-day to & from work I pass this wreck. It sits in someones garden, has done for years, and i've always promised myself I will stop and take a photo.
Today I was passing it after being to Saltwell Park taking a few photos (or at least trying being it was Bank Holiday and boat-loads of people around). Anyway, it wasn't the most fabulous of conditions but I had to stop anyway to take it while I had my camera on me.


Travis said...

Isn;t it amazing what is just around when you look. Every year I go to an area where there are things like this all over. I have never photographed it. Great shot. I just might have to do some photographing next time I am there. :)

Susanne49 said...

I like this picture, Carol. Have you ever tried it also in a warm toned BW? Maybe it looks good too.:-)

Carole said...

Actually sue I've done a sepia, and a monotone too and all work well. Thanks for your comments Sue and Travis