17 May 2008

Wonderful Britain

Yeah... wonderful Britain... 9º C today..... oooo lovely and warm.... wonderful weekend weather as usual..... Note a hint of sarcasm in my post. Sorry it's just no sooner we have lovely warm sun then when the weekend comes we get coldness, grey skies and rain. Typical British weather i'm afraid. I should be use to it by now at my age.... LOL
Anyway despite the cold and the lack of sunny skies, I still went out with my camera. I went to my favourite haunt, South Shields. I love the coast it seems to relax me, the sound of the waves, the smell of the sea.... I just love it.
Today I found a different beach which I havn't noticed or been to before. All the years I've gone to South Shields I never knew this part existed. It's really nice there & there's a coastal walk which will be good on a sunny day to go on.

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Susanne49 said...

It IS beautiful your country, Carol. It is a shame I've never made it to GB!!!