19 May 2008

Raby Castle Deer

Have you ever seen a White Fallow deer before? Can you imagine ever seeing deer sitting on your front lawn? Things not usually seen before, well you've seen them now :-)
The 200 acre deer park surrounding Raby Castle has Red deer, the largest British wild land mammal, and the smaller Fallow deer - both herds containing the desendants of deer preserved in this area since Norman times. The Black (actually dark grey in colour), Mottled (with white spots), and White Fallow deer at Raby Park are all recognisable by their clubbed, rather than pointy, antlers.


André Lemay said...

I love these pictures of wild life. I should try to get the White Tail Deers that come and visit my backyard regularly, 11 of them.

Carole said...

How lucky you are Andre. Where do you live? thank you for re-visiting my site

André Lemay said...

I am from North Bay Ontario, Canada. Also called the gateway to the North.

Jinghui said...

They looked really tame !

Nice photos, well captured !

Seen many wonderful photos from here, do keep on taking photos & sharing !