21 May 2008

Far Pastures again.

Just couldn't resist going back tonight to get another shot. What did I see but a heron right up close to the hide and I couldn't get my camera out of it's bag quick enough to get the shot of the day as the heron flew off. LOL
Anway it did come back, not as close unfortunately, but I managed to get a couple of half decent shots. The the goslings decided to come into view and nestled down for a while under Mums wing. The shot above was them just emerging after a little sleep. Then two of them must have felt a little crankie and decided to fight with each other. It was fun to watch. I enjoyed tonight.


André Lemay said...

The Blue Heron and the Canada Geese are very nice birds. You have great shots of them. Your lucky to get so close to them.

Susanne49 said...

This shots are excellent, Carol! I didn't know that you have the blue Heron in GB too, a beautiful bird. We have so many of them down here in the South.

Carole said...

Neither did I Sue. This is a first for me also. The Grey usually hangs around Far Pastures.