9 March 2008


This is an image I took of a tulip and decided to change it digitally to look like a Lith Print. Because I'm not getting around very well due to a bad case of sciatica to take landscapes which is my passion, I am having to concentrate on studio work which I have barely touched on till now. Anyway, after a talk we had on Friday at a camera club I go to on black & white images and different techniques, I decided to try out some of them. Lith printing was the first. With the help of a book I have called "Creative Digital Photography" by Lee Frost, this is my first attempt at a digitally manipulated image of a Lith print. I'm quite pleased with the outcome.


Bob Johnson said...

Very nice, just had to say as well I love the rose on your header, very cool.

Carole said...

Thanks Bob. Another one of my images from last year actually. just loved it so much thought i'd add it to my header.

Travis said...

Very neat. I like the affect you used.