15 March 2008

St Mary's Lighthouse

I was visiting a friend Today that was staying in a caravan at Whitley Bay. Well caravan may not have been the correct term as when you got inside it was just like a small bungalow, central heating, Living room, Kitchen with seperate dining room, 2 bedrooms (one with en-suite bathroom) and a seperate shower/toilet. Yes, as I said just like a small bungalow. The view out of the front window was of St Mary's lighthouse, a famous landmark of Whitley Bay which is very well photographed by all. It wasn't a very nice day, overcast, raining and really not very nice weather for photos to be honest. This is one I took from the balcony of the caravan. I've converted it in photoshop to give it a feel of a lith print.


Lens - 200mm
Shutter speed 1/200 sec
Lens Aperture F/6.3
Focal Length 64mm
ISO Speed ISO-100
Exposure Compensation - 0.7 step

This is a picture showing a caravan for the people who don't know what a caravan is.


bertN said...

What is a caravan?

Carole said...

mm a caravan is a camper van. a dwelling on wheels capable of being moved by road by a car or large transprot vehicle without disassembling and which does not exceed 60 feet long. I think i'll add a photo to show you what one looks like.