20 March 2008

Kimberley and her puppy Elly

I had a visit from my friend's daughter, her partner and his daughter Kimberley. They brought along their newest arrival, Elly, a golden ladrador puppy. They wanted a photo of the puppy so I took one of Kim and Elly together. A bit of fiddling with the background in Photoshop and a soft focus effect and this is the result.

Shitter Speed - 1/10 sec
Lens Aperture - F/3.7
Focal Length 46mm
ISO - 400
Exposure Compensation 0 step


Anna Ridley said...

I really like this portrait. Wonderful eye contact with Kimberley, and the puppy's fur looks so glossy and lovely.

How did you light this? You did really well I think.

Carole said...

Anna I didn't use any fancy lighting , just the normal house light, no backdrop, I had to clone and blur the background in Photoshop to get rid of wallpaper and back of settee. I gave it a soft focus and that's it. I'm really please considering the circumstances. I'm pleased you like it.

Anna Ridley said...

It's superb, Carole. One day I'll have to sit down with you so you can teach me how to edit. I'm hopeless!

See you at club tonight :)

Travis said...

Nice portrait. That is an area I have not ventured into yet. Look wonderful, and the puppy looks sooooo cute. Great shot.

Susanne49 said...

You did a great job, Carol, also to take out the wallpapers in the back ground.

It looks like made in your studio. Nice shot!