20 February 2008

Washing up

I know you might think it's a bit sad, but, I was washing the dinner dishes (no I haven't got a dish washer LOL) when I noticed the light shining on the suds making all these different colours. I thought to myself, hmmmm think i'll get my camera out.
So I brought out my camera and took a few photos of the soap suds. Well I did say I liked experimenting. LOL
See it can be fun washing up after all...... Look what you miss out on when you have a dishwasher LOL.


  • Camera Olymus E500

  • Lens - 50mm macro

  • Aperture - f/4

  • Shutter speed - 1/2 sec

  • ISO-200

  • Light Source - Tungsten

  • Focal Length - 22mm

  • Exposure compensation +0.3 step

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