9 February 2008


This was taken tonight at sunset and I just had to upload and share it with you all. I was driving back from Teesdale as the sun was going down. There were no focal points or landmarks anywhere, just flat countryside. I couldn't take the chance of going any further and missing it just to find some trees or a building or something to show in the landscape because it was nearly down. So I had to take it there and then. Hope you like it.


AB said...

I love this. I don't think a focal point was needed - just the vast expanse of sky and land work so well. Beautiful!

Carole said...

Thanks Anna. I know sometimes people say it would've been better if it had some sort of focal point when i take these sort of snsets. I think it's a matter of personal preference.

dailyphotographer said...

With or without focal point. this is definitely stunning.:D

Just a question, approx. how much does your camera + lens setup cost? I'm thinking of buying my first DSLR camera, but there's so much in the market. Wanna decide between Olympus, canon and nikon.

anyway, thanks for visiting my site by the way, care to exchange links?

Carole said...

I paid around £500 for my camera with two kit lenses. The wide angle and 200mm lens were second hand and they cost me around £250 each but new they are very expensive. With the Olympus you are limited to certain types of lens due to it being a four thirds camera. Zuiko Digital and now Sigma are making them for the four thirds system but still are pretty pricey. I love my Olympus as it's easy to use (less complicated than others I think).

Will certainley swap Links.
Thank you for visiting.