27 February 2008

Lemon Ice

A quick post tonight guys as I need some sleep. I haven't had much sleep these past few nights so I'm looking at an early night tonight. This is just a quick photo of a slice of lemon that has been frozen in water in the freezer.


Camera Olympus E500
Lens - 17.5 - 45mm kit lens
Aperture - f/9
Shutter speed - 2.5 sec
Focal Length - 45mm
Exposure compensation -1.3 step


Susanne49 said...

I Love this one, Carol, very nice shot and a great idea!:-)

And thank you so much Carole also
for your kind words on my blog today and for this wonderful poem. You touched my hearth with this nice gift!

If you don't mind I will pass on this poem to Juergens life partner Marina, she needs some support just now!

Travis said...

I love your creativity with the ice. This turned out very well. Good idea and nice shot.

dailyphotographer said...

great shot. very creative. loved how the lemon looked fresh.

Carole said...

Not a problem Sue. I thought it was a nice poem and you were in need of some kind words.

I hope it will give MArina support she needs.


SANDRA said...

This one simply smacks of Summer Carole..has the gastric juices flowing just looking a the shot..
really love it!