24 January 2008

As years go by

"Old is wisdom
Youth is learning
Old is dependence
Youth is independence
Old is memories
Youth is experiences
Old is youth"
I've been reading some quotes from a book which I was given as a present for my 50th birthday. It's called "Wrinkles' wit and wisdom". It's so funny and so true, I just had to share a couple of quotes with you all. It's a must read for the over 40's, believe me you can relate to a lot of the stuff in it.

"I contemplated buying a cream that stopped the 7 signs of ageing, and wondered what they might be. Incontinence? Talking about the weather? Wearing slippers? Memory loss? Compulsive need to queue up at the Post Office? Memory loss? Inability to comprehend the lyrics of a pop song?"
"I don't eat health foods, at my age I need all the preservatives I can get."
"Mick Jagger told me the wrinkles on his face were laughter lines, but nothing is that funny."


  • Camera Olympus E500
  • Lens Zuiko Digital 17.5 - 45mm
  • Aperture - f/20
  • Shutter Speed - 1.3 sec
  • ISO-100
  • Focal Length - 17mm
  • Exposure Compensation -1.3 step

.(The photo on the table in the image is of my Mum, Dad & me of course. Mum & Dad have passed away now but the memory of them still lives on in my heart).


Good night all.

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